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I inherited my first Open Mic from Richard in The Monk & Tipster in 2006 and then moved to different locations as the years went by. :)

In the past the format saw solos with original material; harmonious duos; pot-head poets; pop; rock; folk; slop; rap; blues; jazz; old geezers trying to remember songs; children singing Christmas Carols; ambient bands; Celtic rock; jams; girls with ipods; boys with guitars...

If you want to turn up and jam on a few numbers at an Open Mic Night or a gig then that would be OK.  In exchange for your efforts you may receive - a gig, a drink, conversations with strangers, all of the above or none of the above.

There are two open mic things in 2022:

1). The New Inn, Silver Street, Abthorpe, Northants.  NN12 8QR.  This has been going since 2017 and is on the second Sunday of each month from 4 till 7:30 approximately.  It's generally amplified, but you can play it acoustically if you want.

2). The Olde Sun, Middle Street, Nether Heyford, Northants.  NN7 3LL.  This one happens for six months over the spring and summer from April to September, outside in the front garden from 6 till 9 approximately.  Again, it's generally amplified, but can degenerate into an acoustic confusion after 9.

Below are some random photos of Open Mic performers from rather a long time ago now:
cheese and mandolin
cheese and mandolin The legendary Jack London
The legendary Jack London Katrina - a secret star
Katrina - no waves
Vicky and violin
Vicky and violin bilingual singer
bilingual singer guys with guitars
guys with guitars Ian-or-Elton
Ian or Elton Katie-plays-Eva-Cassidy
Katie plays Eva Cassidy Kelly-Soul-Sister-singer
Kelly Soul Sister singer singer-songwriter
singer songwriter Steven
Steven The-Legendary-Jack-London
The Legendary Jack London
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